Designed specifically for very easy refilling.

No holes to drill. Just remove the plug to open the hole and inject the ink.

Chip automatically resets after each refill.


This product ships empty. This product is not manufactured by Epson.



Six empty Epson refillable cartridges.

1 Epson T048120 Black

1 Epson T048220 Cyan

1 Epson T048320 Magenta

1 Epson T048420 Yellow

1 Epson T048520 Light (Photo) Cyan

1 Epson T048620 Light (Photo) Magenta


Compatible Printers 

Stylus Photo R200

Stylus Photo R220

Stylus Photo R300

Stylus Photo R300M

Stylus Photo R320

Stylus Photo R340

Stylus Photo RX500

Stylus Photo RX600

Stylus Photo RX620

EPSON T048 Compatible Six-Color Refillable Cartridge Set with Auto Resetting Chi


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